L’ignoranza è forza, La guerra è pace, La libertà è schiavitù

Ignorance is strength, war is peace, freedom is slavery
Sunday, October 5th, in various italian squares, the group called “standing Sentinels” made demonstration in favour of the “traditional family”
! According to them, marriage and sons are an exclusive right of heterosexual couples.
Some say that they’re a group who stands for the right to be homophobic.
I wonder why…
The picket line was made by people standing still, silent, with a book
Kinda like commuters on a train when there are no seats

I believe I would never have heard of this guys if,
On that sunday, in an italian square, a friend of mine wouldn’t have staged a counter-demonstration
Standing still, silent, with a book

The book was “Mein Kampf” and the outfit looked like a nazi uniform
A nazi between the Sentinels!
A sharp criticism to their demonstration!
Alarmed, the sentinels called the police, and the Digos took him away
There’s a possible charge for “fascism apology” against him
The symbol of Hynkel’s dictatorship
**** (Hitler’s parody made by Chaplin in “The Great Dictator“)
Illinois Nazis stand with the Sentinels”  the ones that chase the Blues Brothers

The problem is that his outfit was a mix of cool movie homages, and that his aim was anything but praising a noxious, extreme, xenophobic movement like Nazism


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