Matt Taylor and the power of VAGINA

SO yes, MattTaylor, you might have helped landind a robot on a comet BUT
we are WOMEN and years of tiranny and abuse made us POWERFUL and if we say
NO TO THAT T-SHIRT. You have to take it off and apologize
matt taylor

Never mind the fact that most of the time the feminine body is exploited in a more deceitful way by unreal images in movies, television and advertisement

BUT NO, not that shirt: it doesn’t match with the comet!!!!


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nothing to say and drawing it anyway
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7 Responses to Matt Taylor and the power of VAGINA

  1. Ange says:

    i was on the internet, serching for informations about one of my project, and i read so much SERIOUS post like yours, my brain glitched and i misenderstood your post :/
    i will (maybe) look a little closer to you blog now :p


  2. Ange says:

    first plase forgive me if i do some mistakes.
    XD always make me laught to read thing like that. I hope that i completly understand what you mean (sorry i’m french) but really… you think like this? i’m a man, ok, we don’t have the same feeling about this world, but seriously… there’s place on earth were women and girls are sold, can’t go to school, are treated like animals if not like an object, this is unnacceptable. this have to stop. i agree
    now, in a decent country, why does an company will have to take on as women than men, why not just choose the best applicant for the job? don’t say that evil boss only want sexy secretary at only women on board, please… some or sexist, yes, but sayin that everybody is…
    when i was a child i was accused of rascism at school because there was only one black child, and we wasn’t friends (at all). things peoples don’t know: my god father is African, a part of my family was from here and there, i travelled a lot with my parent, i grow up without seeing any difference between skin color, but some now, 15 years later continue to think that i hate black people, why did i laugh so hard when i think about this time? my i hope future wife is the most beautyfull metis i ever seen.
    get back to the subject, women WERE “enslaved” by men, but this is a story from the past. rascism is made by people who talk about it now, if nobody tald me about, i would never know that it was possible to hate someone because of his color or religion.
    if you want the world to change, help him, and see further than you and your ideas, when feminists (or femen sorry i don’t remember, and i know it’s completly different by the way) burning book they accused to be misogynous… sorry last time i seen that somewere before, they were nazi, not women who want the respect they deserve.
    i think that maybe you only see fact who fit with your vision, if women are turned into objects, mens too, on calendar (“the gods of the stadium” in France for exemple), on TV adds, ext…
    so don’t fight against mens who wear shirts with pin-up on it, fight agains those who made them wear it, think that was cool. and go in peace please x)
    for me womens are the symbol of love and gentleness, they are mothers, wifes, sisters, and yes i think that i have to protect mine, not cause i think they couldn’t do it themself, but because when you love someone, you want to do thing even if they can do it by there self. call me sexist if you ant, but yes there is difference between us, i don’t say that mens or better or worse, we don’t have the same sensibility, same facility, a woman can become firefighter, but after an harder physical training than a man, nad she deserve respect for his duty.
    i hope that i don’t made too much mistakes ^^
    have a good day.


    • silvi says:

      ehy Ange, you didn’t do a lot of mistakes, JUST ONE: you didn’t see that I was ironic (^_^)
      I love playing with the edge so it is okay if you didn’t understand me, neither my sister does. (ç_ç)
      The point is that for me it was very funny that an important scientist was judged for the way he was dressed and not for what he really did, I mean that it is really a stereotype of how a woman acts: judging by the appearance. Then I was just thinking about why the woman can critic a man’s outfit if he uses a shirt with printed semi-naked woman and a woman can dress like a slut but you cannot say anything.. (°.°)
      and I just tried to give an answer: it could be because during the past women weren’t as free as men to do anything, so now it’s our moment for KARMIC REVENGE: we can wear what we want and we can judge everybody.
      I use the extremistic symbol of feminist to draw this idea: the FEMEN.
      I like the femen movement (who doesn’t like it? Nice flowers, catchy slogans, body painting and tits) but I’m not a femen… because I don’t have enough breasts to show…ahhaha I’m joking. (^_^) I thought it was just funny putting myself almost naked on my blog and playing like a femen, but have you read on my body? Which kind of femen could write ‘I am free, not you, sorry’ ??
      I hope I explain well my idea
      merci de votre attention‏


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